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Assembly History

The assembly continues to meet in the same building in Gold Street, Hanslope to this day. Its external appearance remains largely unchanged. However, in the late 1970's, the old vestry and external lavatory at the rear of the building were demolished. A large ante-room, with a kitchen area at one end, was constructed in their place.

The building underwent a further programme of restoration and refurbishment in 1984/85 during which 5 new windows were installed. The entrance area was redesigned and new toilets installed.  The wooden floor in the main hall was replaced with a concrete floor and a new pulpit was installed.  A hatch was cut through the ceiling and a walkway constructed across the roof space. Prior to this the only access to the roof space was through an external door in the gable wall of the building.  The front doors were subsequently replaced in 1987.  

In 2008 the assembly carried out further works to the building in preparation for its bicentenary in 2009.  These works consisted of a new, separate kitchen, the modernisation of the toilet facilities, the installation of a new heating system and new lighting throughout.  New chairs for the main hall were also acquired and the whole building re-carpeted.  Outside, new lighting and a new notice board were installed.  As the hall is now a listed building all these refurbishment works required detailed approval of the local authority to ensure that they were consistent with and indeed enhanced the character of the building.


Gold Street
Milton Keynes
MK19 7LU


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