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Assembly History

During the 1880s, Sarah Ansell was saved through the preaching of Mr Walter E Willey of Ealing, London, who would visit the believers at Hanslope to preach the Gospel and teach the Word of God. Sarah would often finish work at the laundry and run to the "Public Room" in time for the meeting.

Another visiting preacher at this time was Mr Horton who lived at Berkhamstead. He would travel by train to Castlethorpe station and then walk up to Hanslope for the Breaking of Bread. He would minister the Word in the afternoon and preach the Gospel at 6pm before walking back to Castlethorpe station to catch the train home.

On Bank Holiday Monday, August, 1908 the assembly held its first conference in a tent belonging to evangelist Mr Arthur Lawes opposite Green End Farm, Hanslope, the home of the Slade family. The conference lasted all day.

The current hall in which the assembly meets was erected in 1809, originally as a Strict and Particular Baptist Chapel. 

In 1913 the hall was sold by auction at the Watts Arms, Hanslope to William Slade. At the time it was in an empty and derelict state.  Mr Slade paid £150 for the hall with the intention of using it for assembly meetings for which a rent would be paid. His brother Richard purchased the pews for the hall for £5. In 1923 Mr Slade sold the hall to a trust comprising those in the assembly at the time. The first assembly gathering was a conference which was held on Saturday 4th August 1914, the same day that World War I started!

Over the years the assembly benefited from the help given by various visiting brethren. One of these was Mr Arthur Lawes.  Mr Lawes was born in 1851 and "born again" in 1867.  He commenced his work as an evangelist in 1884 at the age of 33. He was greatly used of God and was a great help to the believers at Hanslope.  Mr Lawes died in 1928.

Another regular visitor was Mr Luther Rees who, as a young man, was a heavy weight boxer.  Whilst standing in his corner prior to a big fight one day, he came under the conviction of sin so intensely that he was unable to continue. He was subsequently "born again" and became an able servant of God. He was a "man's man" and many were brought to Christ through his preaching. He was also an able minister of the Word of God. In 1914 he shared the platform at the first conference of the Gospel Hall with Mr Arthur Lawes and Mr J M Shaw.


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